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Discreet Gay Dating is the hookup website that really lets you be yourself! Come out and play with thousands of open-minded, understanding gay men. The first step is creating your own private persona online with a dating profile that shares as much or as little about who you are as you would like. Open up completely and show off the beauty of your true self, or take things more slowly and keep an aura of mystery going that entices others to discover more about you. Your level of sharing never needs to be more than you are comfortable with.

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Total Control Over Your Own Discreet Gay Profile

Once you have crafted a profile you are proud of, use the optional privacy settings on your own account to control exactly who can see you online, and how much of you they can see at any point in time. Are you an exhibitionist willing to share videos and blogs with everyone in this discreet gay dating community, or would you rather keep things quiet and only show personal profile information to the select few who you deem worthy of a first date? Taking a few moments to set your account options correctly is the easiest way to make sure you get exactly what you want out of our gay hookup site.

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It’s amazing how much more personal and warm your profile becomes when you add your own voice to it with an audio or video intro. Show other men you are serious about finding a private partner by adding them to your privacy list and letting them get to know you on a more intimate level. What you do in your gay dating introductions is always up to you. Wear a tuxedo, a tight T-shirt or nothing at all. Finally a chance to be the person you’ve always known you are, without anyone judging you or questioning your decisions. We’re all friends here at Discreet Gay Dating!