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Thanks to thousands of gay members submitting their own videos for you to enjoy, Discreet Gay Dating is a veritable pride parade of erotic videos, personal ads, hook-up previews and fantasy session sharing. See what has other gay dating enthusiasts so excited or take another step and choose to upload your own video into this hot mix. Depending on the angles you choose to use, it’s easily possible to show everything without doing anything to compromise the confidentiality of your own off line identity.

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It doesn’t take a computer genius to make the most out of Discreet Gay Dating. That’s because all of our services are designed with ease of use in mind. Constant feedback from thousands of gay male members has allowed us to evolve our dating tools and platform architecture in ways that make it easier than ever to use successfully. Of course, if you do ever get stuck with any aspect of this award winning dating site, be sure to contact our concierge staff for support. We will do all we can to enhance your experience while maintaining the highest level of informational security on your behalf.